Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Dow" and out in Beverly Hills?

With the economy going up and 'dow', your trainer may be a luxury you can't afford. Thankfully Fitness Magazine has found an affordable way to make a trainer luxurious with fitness HOW-TO'S for your IPOD!

Each 'training' session shows you AND tells you how to do each exercise correctly and effectively.

Having just returned from a FABULOUS cruise in the Mediterranean (It's the south of Europe, y'all! -Paula Leen) I took Pilates while aboard the ship and LOVED it. If you click around on you can catch Kristi Yamaguchi demonstrating her favorite Pilates routine (Yamaguchi said Pilates was the way she got toned up for Dancing With The Stars) if you're not into muscle tone via weights.

The Nov/Dec 2008 issue is on newstands now.

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