Friday, November 28, 2008

Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #3 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

Okay, first things first: I (heart) Fabio. Now that that's out of the way, Richard: PLEASE STOP SAYING TEAM RAINBOW!!!!

Quickfire Challenge:
with guest judge Grant Achatz
(Sounds like Agate...but plural...agates...incase you needed to know.)

Okay, the chefs pick out a knife from the knife block and each blade has a number on it. It turns out that the numbers are actually page numbers from the Top Chef Cookbook and the challenge is to put a personal spin on the recipe on that in on the numbered page using whatever they find in the Top Chef kitchen with only 60 minutes.

Just as they are about 10 minutes into the challenge, Padma comes in and screams STOP and decides to change the challenge to a soup competition. DUN, DUN, DUHNUNNNN!!!!!! WITH THE REMAINING TIME, the chefs have to create a soup using ONLY the ingredients they were already using combined with broth provided by Swanson. (Hey, if they get a mention on TV, they get one here too.)

Of course my husband Fabio doesn't stress out and Ariane is a mess...AS ALWAYS! (GET OVER IT ARIANE!!!) Also, I can't tell if Carla is freaking out (LOL) cause she ALWAYS looks like that and Jamie feels pretty confident.

Did I mention I LOVE Padma's blouse?

Now then, the guest judge picks the top three: Jamie with her Chick Pea Soup, Leah with her White Asparagus and Daniel with his Mushroom/Leak Soup with Ham and Egg.

And the winner is:

LEAH (yea!). She now has immunity from the Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge:

They have to make Thanksgiving dinner for some "VERY" important people and since Leah won the quickfire challenge, she gets to pick SIX chefs to work with. She chooses: Jamie, Hosea, Stefan (Duh), Melissa, Fabio (Duh-er) and Radhika.

Like seriously, who WOULD pick Ariane, Carla and Richard... this is High School ALL over again. I'm so sorry. Let's just hope they're 'shirts' and everyone else is skins, OKAY!?!?

It turns out that they will be cooking for The Foo Fighters and their entourage for the Elimination Challenge while sticking to their 'riders' of what they like and don't like backstage. They need to cook for over 60 people including 18 Vegetarians.

The Chefs get to the Bluecross Arena to check out the kitchen and location. The winners of the challenge get to watch the show, the losers get to clean up. As it turns out, there IS NO KITCHEN, THERE IS NO REFRIGERATOR, THERE ARE NO FREEZERS. All it is, is microwaves, toaster ovens, one burner ALL, frankly: they're SUPER screwed:


Once at the supermarket, Team Sexy Pants (aka Leah's team) stops, makes a plan and attacks the shopping. Team Cougar (the left over chefs): Run like they are on the final episode of Supermarket Sweep. (God, I miss that show...GET THE HAMS! GET THE HAMS!)


Okay, once they get from the store, Eugene is a genius and builds a grill. I'm stressed out and Stefan is taking control.

Then, of course, it rains. LOL!!! That's brilliant. Daniel starts screaming. Fabio runs for his tiramisu, Ariane is whining. (Imagine THAT!) and all the chefs run and set up INSIDE THE STADIUM as The Foo Fighters enter with Tom.

At the start, everyone seems VERY happy. I don't know who The Foo Fighters are, but they 'seem' nice and start the judging.

Team Cougar-
Stuffing: No
Mac & Cheese: YES
Potatoes: NO
Turkey: YES, YES, YES!
Parfait: SO, NO. 'Barf-fait.'
Cobbler: Flounder.
Banana Smore: No

Team Sexy Pants-
Stuffing: SUPER GOOD!
Yams: YES!
Turkey: NO
Tiramisu: REALLY into it!

So as the FOO's and judges start discussing, it sounds like there is a tie (ish) and no one was a SURE FIRE winner.

Crap. More drama. Where are Carla's eyes? Let's see what she looks like she's feeling. Oh...Crazy... so that was no help. Umm, does anyone else think that Daniel sounds drunk, like, ALWAYS!?

The Foo's pick their favorite and their favorite is: COMMERCIAL! AGGHHH!!!!


After commercial we find out Team Sexy Pants is the winner and now someone from Team Cougar will be going home.


Judges Table:

Team Cougar walks out to the judges table and say they were surprised they were the losing team. Jeff sounds stupid complaining about whatever and then Alex says that Jeff is the leader. Richard says that's not REALLY true but...whatever. Ariane gets kudos for her turkey (thanks Goodness, now we don't have to hear anymore from her.) Jeff's stuffing gets SLAMMED. Daniel's potatoes were one of the judges LEAST favorite dishes. Carla defends her cobbler. Jeff gets nailed again, this time for his pumpkin mousse barf-fait:

THEN just when you think it's over, guest judge Grant let's Richard know that the smores, sucked...smore or less... and then Richard went into something about bananas and chocolate and all I kept thinking was: "smore" or less is funny.

It looks the chopping block is gonna be: Daniel, Jeff and Richard.

OMG is Richard gonna get eliminated? NO WAY! JEFF! TAKE JEFF!!! HE HAS BANGS!!!


OMG, that was THE longest commercial break ever!

Eugene is safe. Alex is safe. Carla is safe. Ariane is SUPER safe (and redeemed). SO it turns out YES the chopping block consists of Daniel, Jeff and Richard. OH MY GOD!!!

They tell Daniel the choice is as hard as his potatoes, Jeff bit off too much and Richard...well, RICHARD is NOT over the rainbow and... is eliminated:

Damn it. Oh well. He's sad and I'm sorry.
No, no. NO crying. I'm so sorry. ...oh, honey.
Team rainbow? NO? Not gonna help?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Team Paula Leen, Bobby and some Martina McBride knock off!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Pumpkin Sling for Thanksgiving!

Paula Leen believes in recycling, y'all, so we're hauling our Halloween pumpkin cocktail out to the curb to become a Pumpkin Sling for Thanksgiving!

3 1/2 oz Vodka
1/4 oz Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup
1/4 oz Pumpkin liqueur or Pumpkin spice syrup
1 Tbsp PURE Pumpkin Filling (Libby's 100% is perfect!)
1 Tsp Fat-Free Whipped Topping or Whipped Cream
Cinnamon stick for garnish

Pour the Vodka, Vanilla and 'Pumpkins' into a shaker filled with ice.
Shake REALLY well.
Strain into a chilled martini glass rimmed with cinnamon.
Top with a teaspoon of Fat-Free Cool-Whip or Whipped Cream.
Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Paula Says!

Leen Tip #256

"Y'all! Eat the lower calorie items on your plate first! Start with salads, veggies, and light soups, THEN eat meats and starches last.
By the time you get to the higher calorie items, you'll be full enough to be content with smaller portions of the high-calorie choices."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Best/Worst Burgers in America

Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese
Big Mouth Burger w/ Jalapeno Ranch Dressing

2,040 calories
150 g fat (53 g saturated)
110 g protein
4,900 mg sodium

"You know this burger's in trouble when it takes more than 20 syllables just to identify it." says Eat This, Not That @ Yahoo Health. "If you think the name’s a mouthful, just wait until the burger hits the table. You’ll be face to face with two-and-a-half day’s worth of fat — a full third of which is saturated. To do that much damage with roasted sirloin, you’d have to eat about eight 6-ounce steaks. It’s nearly three days’ worth of saturated fat."

In-N-Out Protein-Style Cheeseburger
330 calories
25 g fat (9 g saturated)
720 mg sodium

"Y'all, you'll be seeing me go in and out at In-N-Out whenever I'm on the west coast!" -Paula Leen

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #2 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

Okay, so what do I think about 'who' this time? Fabio is still super cute, but I'll HATE if he and Stefan become BFF's. Carla is the new coo coo and if I have to hear the words Team Rainbow out of Richard's mouth again, I'm gonna scream.

Quick Fire Challenge:

They need to make the New York favorite: Hot Dogs up against legendary Dominick's Hot Dogs of Queens.

Jill made a summer roll hot dog, without making her own hot dog. (WTF?) Hosea's looked amazing. Stefan made a Panini. Ariane made a chicken dog. Fabio went Mediterranean...which is where we're gonna get married... Jamie's had bone in hers. (DOH!)

They liked Radikah's and Fabio's along with Hosea's.

and the winner is:

So she wins immunity from the elimination challenge.

Elimination Challenge:

They have to create a three course American lunch and each person is responsible for one dish for some of the most ruthless customers ever: New Yorkers. (I waited tables in New York for a summer and you know what? They ARE ruthless. It's no joke.)

They have 30 minutes to shop and $2500 between the 15 of them.

Team Appetizer: Fabio, Hosea, Melissa, Leah and Jamie.
Team Entree: Stefan, Jeff, Alex, Jill and Eugene.
Team Dessert: Carla, Ariane, Richard, Radhika and Daniel.

Tom comes in and announces that HIS is the restaurant that they are cooking and serving in. Dun, Dun DAAAAnnnunnn! Also, all the customers are New York chefs that wanted to compete on Top Chef, but didn't make it.

Umm, wow.

Okay, crap. Stefan and Fabio are forming some kind of European alliance.

The chefs go into Craft, Tom's Restaurant with 2 hours of prep time. Jamie loves her soup. Her cold corn soup. Fabio loves his Olive crap. His chemically reacted Olive crap. Hosea loves his crabs (LOL). Jill is stressing out about her quiche. Carla is nervous about her pie (lol) and Ariane gets everyone's opinion about her Meringue Martini and they all think it's too sweet and she feels she doesn't need to change it.

The guests start to arrive and we hear all about how successful they are even though they didn't make it on the show. Tom shows up and he and his chef will be expediting the food and let's the chefs know: it's about to go down.

Padma walks in wearing this salmon blouse that I don't think I like and then the appetizers begin where she uses the word Chiffonade while talking about the corn soup.
This is the process of Chiffonade.

The people love it.

Hosea's crabs are next out and they all hate it. Leah's Potatoes and Scallops don't go over well, either. Fabio's Carpaccio is next out and they REALLY love it. Chemical reaction and all. Mellisa's Avocado salad apparently sucks. Big time.

It's time for the entrees and Jill's Ostrich Egg Quiche is first out and apparently it resembles dog food and tastes like glue. Eugene creates a deconstructed Meatloaf sandwich. Stefan does pan seared Halibut and the feedback is good. Jeff is slow in the kitchen and his chicken with honey mustard is fine. No complaints. Alex does tenderloin and they really, REALLY hate it.

Like, really.

Dessert time is here and Radhika does Avocado mousse with chocolate wontons and it sucks. (Thank goodness she has immunity.) Daniel made Ricotta Pound Cake. That they think is excellent. Ariane's martini made Padma want to puke. Richard does a banana Bread sandwich that 'only kids would like' and Carla does an apple tart that she's feeling insecure about... but it turns out being one of Padma's favorite desserts.

I am STRESSED OUT y'all!

The people they take out to the judges table are:

Jamie, Carla, Jill, Hosea, Ariane and Fabio

Padma tells them that they were VERY upset with the food overall. They rave about Carla's dessert and if her eyes could bulge out anymore, they would have bulged out. Fabio is charming and smiles a lot. (and did I tell you he loves me?) They also raved about Jamie's Corn Soup.

It's revealed that they are the top three. And the winner is:


That makes the bottom three: Hosea, Jill and Ariane.

Jill says blah, blah, blah and Hosea thought he was a winner. Ariane freaks that Padma spit hers out.

The third to be eliminated from Season 5 is:

...Jill.(That's okay. We already have an Anne Hathaway.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Micah and Paula Leen are going for it! The Next Food Network Star audition tape is uploaded and waiting (hoping) for your views and positive comments. CLICK HERE for the direct link to my...errr...our video!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Healthiest City in the U.S.!

It appears to be Burlington, Vermont. (Hi Margo!)

"It's among the best in exercise and among the lowest in obesity, diabetes and other measures of ill health, according to a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." says

How could it get any better? Jet Blue (my favorite airline, like EVER) flies there.

FYI: Huntington, West Virginia is the unhealthiest.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yo Gurl! Smothered Chicken and Peachy Queen Cobbler

Micah and Paula Leen do a low-fat but luscious smothered chicken and the last of this summer's peaches are plucked from the freezer for a healthy peach cobbler. Watch the video now! Recipe for smothered chicken, below. Cobbler recipe and photo coming soon!


1 tbl olive oil
4 skinless chicken breasts
1 med. onion sliced into thin rings
8 oz. sliced mushrooms
1 c. chicken broth
1 tbl chopped fresh parsley
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp dry mustard
1/8 tsp cayenne (optional)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 c. low fat yogurt

In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add chicken breasts and cook until very lightly browned on each side (no more than a couple of minutes per side). Spread the onion rings evenly over the top of the chicken, then spread the mushrooms on top of the onions.

In a separate bowl, mix the chicken broth, parsley, paprika, mustard and cayenne. Pour this mixture over the top of the chicken. Cover the skillet and reduce the heat to a medium-low and simmer for about 1 hour or until chicken is very tender. Carefully remove the breasts and set aside. Put yogurt in a small bowl and, with spoonfuls of chicken jus from the skillet, slowly bring the yogurt up to temperature. This helps prevent the yogurt from curdling. Once the yogurt is heated in the small bowl, pour into remaining chicken jus in the skillet and stir. Return the chicken to the skillet, coat completely and let everything heat through. Do NOT let it boil. Serve over brown rice and top with more chopped parsley, if desired.

Friday, November 14, 2008


We posted this recipe video earlier this week, but as Thanksgiving draws closer we can't seem to get mashed potatoes off the brain. Potatoes are tough cookies, they've survived blights, but Atkins and the low-carb frenzy gave them a whipping. At PaulaLeen, we'ere about moderation (because depravation leads to desperation!) and no matter how many "fauxtatoes" we tried -- a pureed turnip is a pureed turnip is a pureed turnip -- at the end of the day, sometimes you just crave a potato. But, in the "leen" tradition, we also need to cut the carbs and the fat in our beloved comfort food, which brings us to...

Good Golly Miss Molly's Caulitatoes!
1 medium baking potato, peeled and cut into chunks
1 teaspoon salt
1 pound fresh or frozen cauliflower florets
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 cup low-fat yogurt, room temperature
1 teaspoon finely minced garlic
1 tablespoon soy milk, room temperature
Salt and pepper
Green onion, slivered (optional)

Boil potatoes in 4 cups salted water until just turning tender. Add cauliflower and cook until all is very tender. Drain. If you like a little texture, return potato/cauliflower mix to the pan and blend in remaining ingredients with a hand mixer. If you prefer a smoother texture, place all in a food processor and blend until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste. To create a little visual interest, sprinkle with the slivered green onion!

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Hey all y'all in the Los Angeles neck of the woods, Paula Leen's doppelganger, Micah McCain will be starring, once again, in the (zero fat, zero calories) Fruitcake Follies! The holiday shenanigans return for the 10th fabulous year with 9 hysterical shows featuring classic and all new musical numbers, special surprises and featured guests! The show's entire run ALWAYS sells out and just a little FYI: MICAH WILL NOT BE PERFORMING IN THE WEDNESDAY 12/10 SHOW and as of this posting: Friday 12/19, Saturday 12/20 and Sunday 12/21 are already SOLD OUT!

To get the date(s) you want: Get your Groups/Party, Family/Friends
and/or Holiday Trick lined up and coordinated, THEN start clicking:

The Tickets!

The Website!

The Mailing List!

Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #1 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

Here are this Top Chef's Season 5 competitors:

Fabio is from Florence, Italy and he loves me.
Jamie Lauren, San Francisco lesbian.
Eugene/Gene from Hawaii. Live in Vegas.
Jeff McInnis from Miami. Already hate him.
Radhika, Chicago
Lauren Hope Stationed at Fort Stewart, in Georgia.
Ariane from New Jersey
Daniel/Danny from New York
Patrick, originally from MA and who needs to lay off the tweezers, honey.
Stefan from Finland, but lives in Santa Monica, California and is a cocky perse. (That's Finnish for ass)
Richard Sweeney, resides in San Diego...The new Richard Hatch?
Leah Cohen, New York
Alex currently lives in Los Angeles.
Hosea, Boulder, CO
Carla, from Tennesee. Crazy, no?
Jill Snyder, Baltimore.
Melissa, also from Boulder CO. (Did I miss a storyline?)

First Quick Fire Challenge. There are 17 chefs but only 16 chef coats to be had. So whoever finishes last, will be eliminated on the day that they arrived (Ouch. That's gotta hurt.)

They have to peel 15 apples by knife. The first 9 are safe, the others have to complete in another task. (Ummm, yeah. I would simply go play Apples to Apples, because we all know Apple peelers were invented for a reason.)

Stefan was first to finish (no pun intended) so he won immunity in the upcoming elimination challenge.

The remaining 8 have to brunoise the apples. (Brunoise is a snotty way to say diced, y'all!)

The first 4 to complete the task, are safe.

The losing four 4 have to do another task. That task is to cook something WITH the apples, in 20 minutes, that says WHY they should say in the compeitition.

The four worst performers in the first quickfire are:
Lauren -Salad
Radhika -Pork and Chutney
Patrick - Salad

The chef that Tom considers to have the weakest dish will be the first to go home in Season 5.

It's SO gonna be Patrick's sad salad. (His very, very sad salad.)

The two individuals who placed last were Patrick (of the sad, sad salad) and Lauren (of the not-so-sad salad) and SHUT UP! PATRICK'S SAD, SAD SALAD WON!?!?? Nice.

Okay, peace out Lauren.

Elimination Challenge:

The knife block comes out. Each knife has an area of New York written on it and each chef has to pair up with the matching chef/city and design a dish that represents that particular suburb/borough.

Brighton Beach=Russian, Chinatown = are you REALLY gonna ask?, Queens=Jamaican, etc., etc., etc.

I can't quite figure out if Daniel is a jerk or not. I guess that's a YES to Carla being crazy special. Stefan is already that evil Asian guy from last season. Jeff is a mess.

Okay, what is that DRESS that Gail Simmons is wearing? It looks like a pillow case from the set of Too Close For Comfort!

When it's all said and done the pairs are divided into two groups: winners and losers.

Winners safe from elimination with the opportunity to win the current elimination:

Losers who will be up for elimination from the entire completion:

Padma comes in and asks to see winners Stefan, Eugene, Leah and losers Patrick and Ariane. As it turns out Stefan is the elimination challenge winner: no shit.

Okay, now Ariane and Patrick. Tom's being a TOTAL bastard to them but I understand that this is what the show is about. They start jumping on Ariane who says she's from Jersey and I guess that excuses everything. Patrick says that he is still in culinary school and deserves to be there to work it out and grow.

The second to be eliminated from Season 5 is:

...Patrick. Sorry, Princess.

Super Easy Side Dish!

Low in carbs but HIGH in taste and ease, here is a QUICK TRICK for your side dish wish of a fabulous and satisfying (but still healthy) mashed potato. Check out our recipe page on the HOMEPAGE for a printable recipe!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Choppin' Broccoli

Chockfull of vitamin C, soluble fiber, a potent anti-cancer fighter and the funniest vegetable in the produce world. My lady, she went downtown...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the gloss out of glossary terms!

Al Dente:
An Italian phrase meaning "to the tooth" that describes the tender but still firm texture of perfectly cooked (WHOLE WHEAT, PEOPLE!) pasta. (The biggest misconception about that "to the tooth" means the item should stick to the teeth. If pasta sticks to the teeth when it is being chewed, it's undercooked... and people are going to remember that.


To plunge vegetables into boiling water for a brief moment, removed and then plunged into iced water. (Or placed under cold running water) so they are SHOCKED. This process is used to loosen the vegetables skin, preserve their color and/or to halt cooking.

"...yeah, I thought it was one of the Golden Girls too, y'all." -Paula Leen

To cook a piece a piece of meat over low heat so that it's fat melts away.

As in: All of the recipes from Paula Leen are going to render your body: fabulous!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Southern + Oven = S'ouvern!

Bever-Leigh's S'ouvern Fried Catfish

Check out this DELICIOUS lowfat "fried" catfish HOW TO video:

Click on our home page for a Printer-friendly version of this fantastic recipe, view ALL of our videos and MORE!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Appetizers that aren't good for your appetite.

For my birthday, earlier this year, my friend Jeff got me this great book called Eat This, Not That.

Of course I was a dash of bitter, but then I realized he was giving me this to help me reach my personal goal of a healthy more fit lifestyle THUS I shall let you in on it, to help you out as well.

Now, just so you don't think it's a bunch of cockie-doodle (that's southern), YAHOO HEALTH just featured part of the books WORST APPETIZERS IN AMERICA section. In the lead is CHILI'S with their Texas Cheese Fries w/ Jalapeno-Ranch Dressing:

2,070 calories
160 g fat (73 g saturated)
3,730 mg sodium
Fat Equivalent: Like eating 16 Taco Bell Crunchy Tacos!

"Y'all, yo quiero a quadruple bypass!"-Paula Leen

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mama Say Mama Sa Chicken Tikka Masala

Paula Leen is PROUD to bring you this delicious recipe of a LEENer version of that fabulous comfort food Chicken Tikka Masala with our Heavy Cream-less ('cause THAT heavy cream is what is gonna kill you y'all. That heavy cream... and natural causes...) so we present to you:

Mama Say Mama Sa The Ma-sa-la

1 Jalapeño, seeded and roughly chopped
1/4 cup fresh Ginger Root, peeled (this can be done with a potato peeler) and roughly chopped
1/4 cup Garlic cloves, peeled
1/2 tablespoon Water
1 cup Low-Fat Yogurt, divided
Juice of 1/4 Lemon
3 tablespoons Light Olive Oil, divided
1/2 teaspoon Cayenne, divided
2 teaspoons Curry Powder, divided
1 pound Chicken Breasts, cut into bite-sized chunks
1 medium Red Onion, very finely diced
2 medium Tomatoes, diced (approximately 3 cups)
1/2 cup Skim Milk
Salt to taste

Whiz the Jalapeño, Ginger, Garlic, and Water in a food processor until roughly "pesto" consistency.

In a medium bowl, blend ONLY 1 tablespoon of the Jalapeño mixture (reserve the rest for later) with ONLY 1/2 cup Yogurt (reserve the rest of this for later too), Lemon Juice, and ONLY 1 tablespoon of the Olive Oil. Mix in ONLY 1/4 teaspoon of the Cayenne and ONLY 1 teaspoon of the Curry Powder. Add chunked chicken breasts and toss the coat thoroughly.

Let marinate overnight or at least 6 hours (If we mix it in the morning, then it’s ready for supper y'all!).

When your chicken is finished marinating, heat THE REMAINING 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a medium saucepan. Add onion and cook over medium-low heat until soft and golden. Mix in 1 tablespoon of THE RESERVED Jalapeño mixture and cook until fragrant (about 1 minute). Add the tomatoes and cook over medium heat until mushy (use your stirring spoon to mash them to a pulp), about 10 minutes.

Stir in THE REMAINING 1/4 teaspoon Cayenne and 1 teaspoon Curry Powder.

While your tomato mixture cooks, prepare your chicken either in the oven or on the stovetop.

Oven method: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Thread chicken chunks on to skewers and place on a cookie sheet. Cook for 5 minutes on one side, then flip and cook on the other side for an additional 5 minutes or until just cooked through.

Stovetop method: Cook chicken in a frying pan over high heat, stirring frequently and until just cooked through.

Just before serving, thoroughly mix THE REMAINING 1/2 cup yogurt with a 1/2 cup Skim Milk in a large bowl. To prevent the yogurt mixture from curdling when it hits the hot tomato mixture, slowly add, by small spoonfuls, the tomato mixture to the yogurt mixture, thoroughly stirring with each spoonful. This will slowly bring the yogurt up to temperature. Keep going by small spoonful (don’t rush it or your dinner companions will hear a blood-curdling (get it? Curdling?) scream from the kitchen).

Once the tomato mixture is thoroughly mixed with the yogurt mixture (I swear it doesn't take that long), add the chicken. Stir to combine. Salt to taste.

Note: if the mixture isn’t piping hot enough for you, dump it all in a pan and heat. You’ve vanquished the curdling demons at this point and the sauce should hold together.

Serves 4 good portions or 3 particularly hungry portions or 1 starving drag queen.

"I'm not a drag queen, I'm a TAG queen!
Ooh, look: that Tadashi dress is on sale!"
-Paula Leen

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Confections

Treat yourself to these fabulous election deals y'all! If you show your I VOTED sticker at participating locations, you'll receive:

Starbucks FREE Tall Coffee

Krispy Kreme FREE Doughnut

Ben & Jerry's FREE Scoop.

Now there ain't know way around that Krispy Kreme doughnut (nor should there be) but add sugar-free syrup or fat-free milk to your Starbucks coffee to make it an instant treat and when you're at Ben & Jerry's ask for Frozen Yogurt or one of their low-fat selections!

"Free food at least! Free food at last! Great God Almighty, free food at last! -Paula Leen

Monday, November 3, 2008

Get her Mildred! Get her!

I have to tell you, I just watched one of my favorite episodes of Paula's Home Cooking. It was Episode PB0104: Home Sweet Home.

Paula and Bubba share some HYSTERICAL stories and MY favorite one, was ALL about how their dad used to call Bubba...wait for it...Mildred. (I actually shot my Key Lime Pie Yoplait® yogurt out of my nose, it was so funny... which totally upset me because that Fat Free Yoplait is AH-MA-ZING! I love it!)

That reminds me, have I told you how much I love Bobby Deen? Well, then I'll show you: