Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the gloss out of glossary terms!

Al Dente:
An Italian phrase meaning "to the tooth" that describes the tender but still firm texture of perfectly cooked (WHOLE WHEAT, PEOPLE!) pasta. (The biggest misconception about that "to the tooth" means the item should stick to the teeth. If pasta sticks to the teeth when it is being chewed, it's undercooked... and people are going to remember that.


To plunge vegetables into boiling water for a brief moment, removed and then plunged into iced water. (Or placed under cold running water) so they are SHOCKED. This process is used to loosen the vegetables skin, preserve their color and/or to halt cooking.

"...yeah, I thought it was one of the Golden Girls too, y'all." -Paula Leen

To cook a piece a piece of meat over low heat so that it's fat melts away.

As in: All of the recipes from Paula Leen are going to render your body: fabulous!

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