Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #1 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

Here are this Top Chef's Season 5 competitors:

Fabio is from Florence, Italy and he loves me.
Jamie Lauren, San Francisco lesbian.
Eugene/Gene from Hawaii. Live in Vegas.
Jeff McInnis from Miami. Already hate him.
Radhika, Chicago
Lauren Hope Stationed at Fort Stewart, in Georgia.
Ariane from New Jersey
Daniel/Danny from New York
Patrick, originally from MA and who needs to lay off the tweezers, honey.
Stefan from Finland, but lives in Santa Monica, California and is a cocky perse. (That's Finnish for ass)
Richard Sweeney, resides in San Diego...The new Richard Hatch?
Leah Cohen, New York
Alex currently lives in Los Angeles.
Hosea, Boulder, CO
Carla, from Tennesee. Crazy, no?
Jill Snyder, Baltimore.
Melissa, also from Boulder CO. (Did I miss a storyline?)

First Quick Fire Challenge. There are 17 chefs but only 16 chef coats to be had. So whoever finishes last, will be eliminated on the day that they arrived (Ouch. That's gotta hurt.)

They have to peel 15 apples by knife. The first 9 are safe, the others have to complete in another task. (Ummm, yeah. I would simply go play Apples to Apples, because we all know Apple peelers were invented for a reason.)

Stefan was first to finish (no pun intended) so he won immunity in the upcoming elimination challenge.

The remaining 8 have to brunoise the apples. (Brunoise is a snotty way to say diced, y'all!)

The first 4 to complete the task, are safe.

The losing four 4 have to do another task. That task is to cook something WITH the apples, in 20 minutes, that says WHY they should say in the compeitition.

The four worst performers in the first quickfire are:
Lauren -Salad
Radhika -Pork and Chutney
Patrick - Salad

The chef that Tom considers to have the weakest dish will be the first to go home in Season 5.

It's SO gonna be Patrick's sad salad. (His very, very sad salad.)

The two individuals who placed last were Patrick (of the sad, sad salad) and Lauren (of the not-so-sad salad) and SHUT UP! PATRICK'S SAD, SAD SALAD WON!?!?? Nice.

Okay, peace out Lauren.

Elimination Challenge:

The knife block comes out. Each knife has an area of New York written on it and each chef has to pair up with the matching chef/city and design a dish that represents that particular suburb/borough.

Brighton Beach=Russian, Chinatown = are you REALLY gonna ask?, Queens=Jamaican, etc., etc., etc.

I can't quite figure out if Daniel is a jerk or not. I guess that's a YES to Carla being crazy special. Stefan is already that evil Asian guy from last season. Jeff is a mess.

Okay, what is that DRESS that Gail Simmons is wearing? It looks like a pillow case from the set of Too Close For Comfort!

When it's all said and done the pairs are divided into two groups: winners and losers.

Winners safe from elimination with the opportunity to win the current elimination:

Losers who will be up for elimination from the entire completion:

Padma comes in and asks to see winners Stefan, Eugene, Leah and losers Patrick and Ariane. As it turns out Stefan is the elimination challenge winner: no shit.

Okay, now Ariane and Patrick. Tom's being a TOTAL bastard to them but I understand that this is what the show is about. They start jumping on Ariane who says she's from Jersey and I guess that excuses everything. Patrick says that he is still in culinary school and deserves to be there to work it out and grow.

The second to be eliminated from Season 5 is:

...Patrick. Sorry, Princess.

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