Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #2 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

Okay, so what do I think about 'who' this time? Fabio is still super cute, but I'll HATE if he and Stefan become BFF's. Carla is the new coo coo and if I have to hear the words Team Rainbow out of Richard's mouth again, I'm gonna scream.

Quick Fire Challenge:

They need to make the New York favorite: Hot Dogs up against legendary Dominick's Hot Dogs of Queens.

Jill made a summer roll hot dog, without making her own hot dog. (WTF?) Hosea's looked amazing. Stefan made a Panini. Ariane made a chicken dog. Fabio went Mediterranean...which is where we're gonna get married... Jamie's had bone in hers. (DOH!)

They liked Radikah's and Fabio's along with Hosea's.

and the winner is:

So she wins immunity from the elimination challenge.

Elimination Challenge:

They have to create a three course American lunch and each person is responsible for one dish for some of the most ruthless customers ever: New Yorkers. (I waited tables in New York for a summer and you know what? They ARE ruthless. It's no joke.)

They have 30 minutes to shop and $2500 between the 15 of them.

Team Appetizer: Fabio, Hosea, Melissa, Leah and Jamie.
Team Entree: Stefan, Jeff, Alex, Jill and Eugene.
Team Dessert: Carla, Ariane, Richard, Radhika and Daniel.

Tom comes in and announces that HIS is the restaurant that they are cooking and serving in. Dun, Dun DAAAAnnnunnn! Also, all the customers are New York chefs that wanted to compete on Top Chef, but didn't make it.

Umm, wow.

Okay, crap. Stefan and Fabio are forming some kind of European alliance.

The chefs go into Craft, Tom's Restaurant with 2 hours of prep time. Jamie loves her soup. Her cold corn soup. Fabio loves his Olive crap. His chemically reacted Olive crap. Hosea loves his crabs (LOL). Jill is stressing out about her quiche. Carla is nervous about her pie (lol) and Ariane gets everyone's opinion about her Meringue Martini and they all think it's too sweet and she feels she doesn't need to change it.

The guests start to arrive and we hear all about how successful they are even though they didn't make it on the show. Tom shows up and he and his chef will be expediting the food and let's the chefs know: it's about to go down.

Padma walks in wearing this salmon blouse that I don't think I like and then the appetizers begin where she uses the word Chiffonade while talking about the corn soup.
This is the process of Chiffonade.

The people love it.

Hosea's crabs are next out and they all hate it. Leah's Potatoes and Scallops don't go over well, either. Fabio's Carpaccio is next out and they REALLY love it. Chemical reaction and all. Mellisa's Avocado salad apparently sucks. Big time.

It's time for the entrees and Jill's Ostrich Egg Quiche is first out and apparently it resembles dog food and tastes like glue. Eugene creates a deconstructed Meatloaf sandwich. Stefan does pan seared Halibut and the feedback is good. Jeff is slow in the kitchen and his chicken with honey mustard is fine. No complaints. Alex does tenderloin and they really, REALLY hate it.

Like, really.

Dessert time is here and Radhika does Avocado mousse with chocolate wontons and it sucks. (Thank goodness she has immunity.) Daniel made Ricotta Pound Cake. That they think is excellent. Ariane's martini made Padma want to puke. Richard does a banana Bread sandwich that 'only kids would like' and Carla does an apple tart that she's feeling insecure about... but it turns out being one of Padma's favorite desserts.

I am STRESSED OUT y'all!

The people they take out to the judges table are:

Jamie, Carla, Jill, Hosea, Ariane and Fabio

Padma tells them that they were VERY upset with the food overall. They rave about Carla's dessert and if her eyes could bulge out anymore, they would have bulged out. Fabio is charming and smiles a lot. (and did I tell you he loves me?) They also raved about Jamie's Corn Soup.

It's revealed that they are the top three. And the winner is:


That makes the bottom three: Hosea, Jill and Ariane.

Jill says blah, blah, blah and Hosea thought he was a winner. Ariane freaks that Padma spit hers out.

The third to be eliminated from Season 5 is:

...Jill.(That's okay. We already have an Anne Hathaway.)

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Cookin' on Creek Road said...

If the show were as funny and clever as your blog, I'd be glued like Jill's ostrich egg quiche to my tv. Brilliant commentary. Keep it up! (With Fabio around, that shouldn't be too difficult - ha!)