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Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #3 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

Okay, first things first: I (heart) Fabio. Now that that's out of the way, Richard: PLEASE STOP SAYING TEAM RAINBOW!!!!

Quickfire Challenge:
with guest judge Grant Achatz
(Sounds like Agate...but plural...agates...incase you needed to know.)

Okay, the chefs pick out a knife from the knife block and each blade has a number on it. It turns out that the numbers are actually page numbers from the Top Chef Cookbook and the challenge is to put a personal spin on the recipe on that in on the numbered page using whatever they find in the Top Chef kitchen with only 60 minutes.

Just as they are about 10 minutes into the challenge, Padma comes in and screams STOP and decides to change the challenge to a soup competition. DUN, DUN, DUHNUNNNN!!!!!! WITH THE REMAINING TIME, the chefs have to create a soup using ONLY the ingredients they were already using combined with broth provided by Swanson. (Hey, if they get a mention on TV, they get one here too.)

Of course my husband Fabio doesn't stress out and Ariane is a mess...AS ALWAYS! (GET OVER IT ARIANE!!!) Also, I can't tell if Carla is freaking out (LOL) cause she ALWAYS looks like that and Jamie feels pretty confident.

Did I mention I LOVE Padma's blouse?

Now then, the guest judge picks the top three: Jamie with her Chick Pea Soup, Leah with her White Asparagus and Daniel with his Mushroom/Leak Soup with Ham and Egg.

And the winner is:

LEAH (yea!). She now has immunity from the Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge:

They have to make Thanksgiving dinner for some "VERY" important people and since Leah won the quickfire challenge, she gets to pick SIX chefs to work with. She chooses: Jamie, Hosea, Stefan (Duh), Melissa, Fabio (Duh-er) and Radhika.

Like seriously, who WOULD pick Ariane, Carla and Richard... this is High School ALL over again. I'm so sorry. Let's just hope they're 'shirts' and everyone else is skins, OKAY!?!?

It turns out that they will be cooking for The Foo Fighters and their entourage for the Elimination Challenge while sticking to their 'riders' of what they like and don't like backstage. They need to cook for over 60 people including 18 Vegetarians.

The Chefs get to the Bluecross Arena to check out the kitchen and location. The winners of the challenge get to watch the show, the losers get to clean up. As it turns out, there IS NO KITCHEN, THERE IS NO REFRIGERATOR, THERE ARE NO FREEZERS. All it is, is microwaves, toaster ovens, one burner ALL, frankly: they're SUPER screwed:


Once at the supermarket, Team Sexy Pants (aka Leah's team) stops, makes a plan and attacks the shopping. Team Cougar (the left over chefs): Run like they are on the final episode of Supermarket Sweep. (God, I miss that show...GET THE HAMS! GET THE HAMS!)


Okay, once they get from the store, Eugene is a genius and builds a grill. I'm stressed out and Stefan is taking control.

Then, of course, it rains. LOL!!! That's brilliant. Daniel starts screaming. Fabio runs for his tiramisu, Ariane is whining. (Imagine THAT!) and all the chefs run and set up INSIDE THE STADIUM as The Foo Fighters enter with Tom.

At the start, everyone seems VERY happy. I don't know who The Foo Fighters are, but they 'seem' nice and start the judging.

Team Cougar-
Stuffing: No
Mac & Cheese: YES
Potatoes: NO
Turkey: YES, YES, YES!
Parfait: SO, NO. 'Barf-fait.'
Cobbler: Flounder.
Banana Smore: No

Team Sexy Pants-
Stuffing: SUPER GOOD!
Yams: YES!
Turkey: NO
Tiramisu: REALLY into it!

So as the FOO's and judges start discussing, it sounds like there is a tie (ish) and no one was a SURE FIRE winner.

Crap. More drama. Where are Carla's eyes? Let's see what she looks like she's feeling. Oh...Crazy... so that was no help. Umm, does anyone else think that Daniel sounds drunk, like, ALWAYS!?

The Foo's pick their favorite and their favorite is: COMMERCIAL! AGGHHH!!!!


After commercial we find out Team Sexy Pants is the winner and now someone from Team Cougar will be going home.


Judges Table:

Team Cougar walks out to the judges table and say they were surprised they were the losing team. Jeff sounds stupid complaining about whatever and then Alex says that Jeff is the leader. Richard says that's not REALLY true but...whatever. Ariane gets kudos for her turkey (thanks Goodness, now we don't have to hear anymore from her.) Jeff's stuffing gets SLAMMED. Daniel's potatoes were one of the judges LEAST favorite dishes. Carla defends her cobbler. Jeff gets nailed again, this time for his pumpkin mousse barf-fait:

THEN just when you think it's over, guest judge Grant let's Richard know that the smores, sucked...smore or less... and then Richard went into something about bananas and chocolate and all I kept thinking was: "smore" or less is funny.

It looks the chopping block is gonna be: Daniel, Jeff and Richard.

OMG is Richard gonna get eliminated? NO WAY! JEFF! TAKE JEFF!!! HE HAS BANGS!!!


OMG, that was THE longest commercial break ever!

Eugene is safe. Alex is safe. Carla is safe. Ariane is SUPER safe (and redeemed). SO it turns out YES the chopping block consists of Daniel, Jeff and Richard. OH MY GOD!!!

They tell Daniel the choice is as hard as his potatoes, Jeff bit off too much and Richard...well, RICHARD is NOT over the rainbow and... is eliminated:

Damn it. Oh well. He's sad and I'm sorry.
No, no. NO crying. I'm so sorry. ...oh, honey.
Team rainbow? NO? Not gonna help?

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