Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Chef Season 5: New York Episode #5 Recap WITH SPOILERS!

The episode starts out with Melissa saying that her "almost" being eliminated was a wake up call. Here's another wake-up call: you're boring. The girls start bitching about Stefan and Jamie thinks he's SUPER cocky but appreciates the gifts he gives her even though she's an advertised lesbian and he still wants in.

I guess THIS is television.

Quickfire Challenge:

In this quickfire challenge they are playing IDENTIFY THAT INGREDIENT! The game that is as exciting to Chef's that CLUE is to normal people.

The Chefs draw knives and they soon find out they get paired up for this challenge. Stefan and Jamie (sitting in a tree) go head to head with competing to name the most ingrediants, from taste, of a sample sauce.

Hosea says he can name 4 and Danny says he can name 4 as well but rules state he has to go one higher and he calls Hosea's bluff saying that Hosea can't name 4 just by tasting the sauce. Well, Hosea names 4 ingrediants and Danny loses.

Jeff and Ariane. Jeff guesses wrong and Ariane wins.

Stefan and Jamie. Stefan wins. (DAMN!)

Leah and Eugene. Eugene fails.

Radhika and Fabio. Radhika wins.

Carla and Melissa. Carla wins.

Then there's ROUND TWO and they get re-paired and taste a new sauce:

Hosea and Ariane. Hosea wins with naming 7.

Leah and Stefan. Stefan wins with 8 (and Leah calls him an asshole. LOVE IT!)

Carla and Radhika. Radhika loses.

ROUND 3 is round-robin:

The remaining chefs have to taste a new sauce and each name a new ingredient after each other:

Carla fails on the first go. (DOH!)So, Hosea and Stefan remain. But Stefan guesses incorrect with Tomato Paste and Hosea guesses one more correct and wins immunity.


Elimination Challenge:

They draw knives again and are split up into teams: OLD, NEW, BORROWED, BLUE. The challenge is for Gail's bridal shower the following evening for 30 women. No veal or black beans are requested and the guests are mostly from Food & Wine Magazine.

BORROWED Team: Radhika, Jamie and Ariane.

BLUE Team: Melissa, Fabio and Leah.

NEW Team: Daniel, Eugene and Carla. Daniel pushes pickles. Why? We have NO idea... but Carla is NOT speaking up. (Tragic foreshadowing?)

OLD Team: Stefan, Jeff and Hosea. They are going tomato-y and Jeff and Hosea are already OVER Stefan. (Much like the rest of America...)

They go shopping and Fabio looks gorgeous in a pink polo and Stefan calls Hosea a douche.


Once back in the kitchen, they have 2 1/2 hours to prep. Team BORROWED is the third course, Team NEW is doing the second course, Team BLUE is the fourth course and Team OLD is first course. (Did they just say Tomato sorbet as a course? Ugh.)

Tom comes in and let's Team BLUE know there is NO such thing as blue food in the food world, it's all purple. Blueberries, included. The team tells him they are going with an ocean theme and that's how they are working in the Blue. BORROWED tells Tom that they are borrowing food from Radhika's Indian culture...Cultu-HER if you will and NEW tells them they are doing Sushi, BBQ Sauce and Wonton Salad cups, giving the guests "NEW" insight into Sushi... as the world as a whole rolls it's eyes... and OLD shares with Tom that they are going "Old" Country for their entrees.

Recapping, Tom is NOT excited about Team Blue and can't figure out what to think about Team NEW and then there's Carla.
Oh, Carla.

Eugene changes his entree because his rice got screwed up and Hosea is concerned that he doesn't get to taste Stefan's dish and frankly, it's getting old with Team OLD.


The Bridal Shower:

The guest judge is revealed to be Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine Magazine: Dana Cowin.

Nothing really happens during this segment except produced non-drama and really BAD faux-shadowing. You can already tell who is going to be eliminated and it's only about half way through the episode.

Here are the perspective teams and or their dishes:
Leah, Fabio, Melissa: Blue Corn Sea Bass, Roasted Corn, Swiss Chard

Ariane, Jamie, Radhika: Lamb Marinated in French and Curry Spices, Vadouvan Carrot Puree, and Kale

Eugene, Danny, Carla: Chili Sticky Rice, Yuzu Giner Granita, Miso BBQ

Hosea, Stefan, Jeffery: Tomato Gazpacho, Tomato Carpaccio, Tomato Terrine

Judges Table:

Team Borrowed and Team Old get called into the judge's room and they are told that they are the judge's favorites. The top two dishes are down to Jeff's Tomato Sorbet (again, blech!) and Ariane's Lamb. Jamie is NOT happy because she REALLY wants to win adn thinks her puree was better than Ariane's meat, while Stefan is pissed that Jeff's dish was liked more than his. (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

The winner of the challenge is Ariane (YEAH!) even though she was SUPER surprised and now Jamie is SUPER pissed:
...and you can check out the recipe for her/their dish HERE. (FYI: It's got twelve thousand ingredients and it looks a little ridiculous to make.)

They are told to send back the other two teams but not before Jamie starts to sound more whiny then Stefan sounds cocky.

As the two least favorite teams are walked in, they tell Eugene that they didn't understand his dish at all. They call him out on his rice (and a note to him AND ALL OF US: if your rice sucks, chuck it. Don't try to save it.)

Carla says she allowed the crap to happen and then Daniel says that he LOVED the dishes and stands by it... even adding mushrooms to someone else's dish...DANIEL... and they hated that too. Leah says she was overall 'happy' and the Gail says that the flavor the guests liked, but the texture of the dish was no good. Tom is OBVIOUSLY in a bad mood and being a total jerk and then Fabio steps in and starts standing up for himself but then as the judge's table starts to turn on him, he shuts up.

Smart move, kid.

They release Team Blue and start to wreck Team New a 'new one'. Is it going to be Eugene or Daniel? Carla is safe, but is told to start standing up for herself. (It's SO going to be Daniel but Eugene knows it's going to be him and I still think Carla has REALLY big eyes...)

All the judges came together and the chef that was eliminated was:

Next week: Martha Stewart and rotten meat. Ironic?